About Kiten

  The Black Sea forms the eastern boundary of Bulgaria for a distance of 240 miles (360 km) -fromRomania in the north to Turkey in the south. A lot of settlements along the coast of Bulgaria were founded in the 7th-6th c. BC by Greeks from Asia Minor. Driven away from their home towns by overpopulation and political upheaval, they established a string of colonies first along the coast of northern Turkey, then on the shores of what is today Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. The Black Sea coast of Bulgaria has been generously endowed with picturesque beauty and plenty of sunshine. Long golden beaches are lapped by the clear blue waters of a sea, free of tides or dangerous fish and animals. Its sandy bottom slopes gently, making it perfectly safefor swimming and other water sports. The Bulgarian coast is dotted with mineral springs whose curative waters have been put to good use. As for sports, the list is long and includes water-skiing, sailing, motor boats, pedaloes, parascending, tennis, horseriding, birdwatching etc. Special facilities are provided for children – a “bouncing” castle, pools, play-grounds with swings, slides, marry-go-round and a lot more. The average temperature in July is 22°C. A pleasant breeze prevents the heat from becoming stifling in the summer. Winter is mild and is recommended for rest, especially for elderly people and convalescents. Pleasant experiences and memorable nights are in store for the resort’s quests in its restaurants, nightclubs, coffee bars and gambling casino. Several shopping centers and a variety of sports facilities are at their disposal. Kiten’s lively discos and karaoke bars are favourite with younger visitors who love dancing the night away. At the folk taverns and restaurants one can get a flavour of the real Bulgarian lifestyle. There’s live musik and the walls are decorated with sheepskins and other objects associated with sheepbreeding. The holiday village of Kiten caters for the need of holidays where everything is more natural and pleasant than in the big seaside resorts.